Coronavirus – Latest update


Thank you for your continued support with home learning, you have taken on this challenge well and have tried hard to maintain support and learning for your children in very difficult circumstances.  It has been great to hear from many of you over the last few weeks, either a photo or an update is always gratefully received, we love seeing the children and hearing about their time at home. We continue to respond to requests for advice, support and help for a range of issues, not just linked to home learning. Do please make contact if you need some support or just a friendly ear.

You will no doubt have seen the update from the Prime Minister yesterday, we are awaiting more specific guidance and then the senior team will be able to begin planning for a potential phased opening for some pupils. As yet we do not know what this will look like, we will keep you informed as much as we can. We would really like to have our Victoria children back with us, but this needs to be considered carefully, the safety of our children, families and staff has to be thought through.

Many of you will now be planning for your return to work over the coming weeks, at the moment there has been no change to the government guidelines on key workers. At the present time we are only able to offer places to the children of key workers in school. If you feel that you do qualify as a key worker please contact the school office to discuss this. There needs to be careful planning before we can consider offering a place to a child. The government advice is still that if children can be safely cared for at home then they should be and that we should all continue to remain at home as much as possible. 

Stay safe and take care. 

With kind regards  

Mrs H Scargill