Curriculum Intent

At Victoria Primary Academy, we recognise the importance of a high-quality computing education that equips all learners to use computational thinking as well as creativity to understand and change the world.  As part of our broad, balanced and creative curriculum, computing is a subject that inherently has strong links with maths, science and design technology.  We encourage the children to use technology to investigate and learn about both natural and artificial systems - from our bodies and the environment to electronics and programming.  We believe that creative, connected and enthusiastic teaching and learning in Computing, is integral to increasing the number of children reaching and exceeding national expatiations within the subject itself and across the wider curriculum. 

Computing teaching and learning at Victoria Primary Academy ensures that pupils become digitally literate and adaptable.  Computing and ICT are taught within discrete lessons and skills are revisited, refined and embedded across our creative curriculum.  We use statutory guidance and wider, enriching experiences to enhance attainment and progress in Computing. 

Curriculum Aims

  • Children have an investigative, adaptable and dynamic approach to computing; ensuring the ability to use of variety of technology -hardware and software- across a variety of platforms. This guarantees a continued understanding of the ever-evolving digital world.   
  • Children are able to use technology creatively and effectively across all curriculum subjects to aid in their wider learning and development. 
  • Children understand and apply problem solving, including concepts and ideas of computer science - the use of abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. 
  • Children are able to use technology safely and with a sound understanding of their rights and responsibility in the digital community. 

Subject Leader

For more information, please contact the Music Subject Leader:

Mrs C Harding

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Computing at Victoria Primary Academy