Curriculum Intent

At Victoria Primary PSHE lessons will prepare children for being good citizens.  They will develop emotional intelligence and the ability to articulate their feelings in order to maintain good mental health as well as understanding the importance of their physical health and being healthy.  Using a growth mindset strategy, the children at Victoria Primary will become resilient, flexible learners, knowledgeable for the future. 

The children will be given the vocabulary to be able to articulate their feelings.  The intention is to promote mental wellbeing and empathy across the Victoria Primary and into the community.  The children at Victoria Primary have a range of family backgrounds and life experiences.  It is important that we build upon these experiences to provide understanding of the diversity in our country as a whole in terms of race, religion, relationships.  The intent at Victoria Primary is to develop tolerant, respectful young people, prepared for their future lives.  PSHE also develops the understanding of health and fitness.  We will give children at Victoria Primary the knowledge to be able to make informed choices with regards to diet and exercise.  In our increasingly technological world, the children in Victoria Primary use online resources frequently both in and outside of school.  Our intent at Victoria Primary is to ensure all children are able to stay safe, making the correct choices about their use of technology. 

Curriculum Aims

At Victoria Primary Academy:

  • Children will develop positive and healthy relationship with their peers both now and in the future.
  • Children will understand the physical aspects involved in RSE at an age appropriate level.
  • Children will have respect for themselves and others.
  • Children will have positive body images.
  • Children will know how to keep themselves safe physically, mentally and technologically.

Curriculum Intent

Teaching a Broad and Balanced curriculum for educational recovery DfE June 2021 states:   

The law requires schools to provide some relationships, sex and health education to all secondary-age pupils from the academic year 2020/21, and to provide some relationships and health education to all primary-age pupils. Schools are also required to publish a Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy and to consult parents on it.   

The content in the statutory RSHE guidance is broken down into topic areas, differentiated by primary and secondary level rather than by key stage. 

These include: • mental wellbeing, physical health and fitness, respectful relationships and being safe.   

Prioritising content about safety should reflect risks that may have increased over the pandemic, such as online exploitation, abuse and grooming. All content should remain age-appropriate and be taught clearly but sensitively.   

A focus on the changing adolescent body for pupils in year 6 will support them as they move on from this phase of their education.  

At Victoria Primary Academy:  

  • planning takes account of the coverage from the National Curriculum or relevant issues faced by the school 
  • We use the Jigsaw scheme of work which fulfils and goes beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • PSHE topics linked to assemblies where relevant; 
  • all pupils make progress in achieving the expected educational outcomes such as DfE Relationships and Health Education guidance, Ofsted Personal Development criteria, Safeguarding, SMSC, British Values and Internet Safety. 
  • the subjects are well led, effectively managed and well planned;  
  • the quality of provision is subject to regular and effective self-evaluation;  
  • the subjects are resourced, staffed and timetabled in a way that ensures that the school can fulfil its legal obligations. 
  • Children in year 5 are spoken to be either the class teacher or school nurse about periods; 
  • Sex education is covered in year 6 using the required coverage by either the class teacher or school nurse and materials are available to parents prior to teaching. 
  • clear information is provided for parents on the subject content and the right to request that their child is withdrawn; 
  • Pupils with additional needs are supported to access the learning as appropriate depending on their need. Pupils with physical disabilities may need access to specialist tools or resources. Some pupils will benefit from pre teaching of key vocabulary. Some pupils may benefit from additional time or support from an adult to complete their work.  


Subject Leader

For more information, please contact the PSHE Subject Leader:

Mrs K Osbourne

Useful Documents

RSE and PSHE Subject Coverage Map for Key Stage 1 and 2