Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

At Victoria Primary Academy we offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum which ignites and sustains curiosity, creativity and a love of learning to last a lifetime.

We seek to offer a curriculum that is:

  • Unapologetically ambitious,
  • Knowledge rich
  • Supports the acquisition of vocabulary in a systematic way
  • Uses the very best educational research and evidence to support our methods

The curriculum incorporates and goes beyond the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the pupils in our school community.

We use varied pedagogical approaches to support the development of learner skills. We believe it is essential to select the very best evidence based research while avoiding a reductive approach where research is used without full consideration. As such we use key pieces of research such as Principles of Instruction and Retrieval Practice in an integrated and systematic way. We do not blindly follow latest trends or unquestioningly adopt anything without researching and questioning thoroughly how things will meet the needs of our children.

Improving outcomes for all learners is fundamental to our curriculum design at Victoria Primary Academy; raising achievement and accelerating progress to increase the number of pupils reaching or exceeding national expectations. Alongside this focus on academic outcomes, we aim to develop our Victoria Values of cooperation, patience, respect, responsibility, aspiration, integrity and perseverance. We aim to grow independent, confident future citizens who leave us with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed to thrive and make a positive contribution in their community.


At Victoria Primary Academy we know that children learn in a variety of different ways, so children are given the opportunity to work independently and with others. We believe that children need the chance to explore and investigate together to develop concepts as well as embedding basic skills, knowledge and understanding through regular individual practice. We carefully sequence discrete and thematic learning that is connected and achieves desired learning outcomes.

At Victoria Primary Academy, we recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to the needs of learners and families in our school community.

From their starting points our learners particularly need:

  • Their vocabulary broadening and enriching
  • A wide range of experiences that link to our community
  • Greater involvement from parents and carers
  • Support to develop as citizens
  • The knowledge and skills to interact and form positive relationships in a multicultural society

In ensuring all of the above we embody our mission statement of inspiring children to become ‘Learners Without Limits’.

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