Art & Design

Curriculum Intent

At Victoria Primary we follow the CUSP curriculum for Art and Design. This is based around the principles of evidence-led practice. This is to ensure that pupils are equipped to successfully think, work and communicate like an artist. With a high level of ambition, our art curriculum focuses on excellence in this subject through a wide variety of media and artists.

Our intent around Art is as it is for all subjects- high quality teacher instruction that inspires and enables pupils to acquire knowledge. In Art we teach children to think and work as an artist, and enable them to skilfully attempt and apply their understanding

Children are to be equipped with the opportunity to develop the confidence in their artistic skill, expressing their thoughts and ideas. As children progress they are to be able to develop an understanding of art and design through the influence of variety of artists throughout history, to not only reflect on the piece, artists intent but also its contribution to culture and history of our nation.

Art at Victoria is to allow a flexible learning space in which intend to promote and facilitate the diverse talents of our school community. Art supports our mission as a school to create “learners without limits” and become knowledgeable artists of the future that thrive within the community in which we live.

Curriculum Aims

  • Equip pupils with the knowledge they need to understand and create excellent pieces of Art
  • Develop pupils skills with a wide variety of media to enable to produce high quality artwork
  • Pupils to know and understand about a wide variety of key artists throughout history cultural influence
  • To be able to discuss and evaluate artistic pieces using language of art, craft and design.



  • Teaching and planning needs to demonstrate activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, using tools and different materials, media, methods and techniques.
  • Planning is based on the CUSP Curriculum which is linked back to the National Curriculum for Art and design and extends beyond it. Sketch books allow continuous provision for collecting and developing skills and ideas throughout the curriculum and can help develop skills outside of Art and Design designated lessons.
  • The CUSP units are progressive and build on and consolidate previous learning.  They facilitate the development of knowledge identified in the curriculum.
  • Pupils with additional needs are supported to access the learning as appropriate depending on their need. Art can be a great leveller and allows all children to be creative as there is no right or wrong to their creations. Pupils with physical disabilities may need access to specialist tools, alterations to access or resources.  Some pupils may benefit from additional time or support from an adult to complete their work.
  • The History of Art is also something that is taught with teachers ensuring they highlight the time the artist was alive so children can begin to maken links with styles and periods of art.


Subject Leader

For more information, please contact the Art & Design Subject Leader:

Miss Jade Gent

Useful Documents

Art Subject Coverage Map for Key Stage 1 and 2