Art & Design

Curriculum Intent

At Victoria Primary we know that children learn in a variety of the different ways, we believe that children at Victoria should be given endless opportunities to explore their creativity through art, craft and design. In order to celebrate all our children’s artistic talents and provide them with the entitlement of broad and balance curriculum. At Victoria Primary, Art lessons are to aspire, create and sustain curiosity within art, craft and design. Pupils will develop the artistic skills and knowledge to not only create their own artwork but also take ownership of it.

Children are to be equipped with the opportunity to develop the confidence in their artistic skill, expressing their thoughts and ideas. As children progress they are to be able to develop an understanding of art and design through the influence of variety of artists throughout history, to not only reflect on the piece, artists intent but also its contribution to culture and history of our nation.

Art at Victoria is to allow a flexible learning space in which intend to promote and facilitate the diverse talents of our school community. To support our mission as a school to create “learners without limits” and become knowledgeable artists of the future that thrive within the community in which we live. 

Curriculum Aims

  • To achieve this Art at Victoria Primary needs:  
  • To engage, inspire and challenge pupils to produce purposeful art.  
  • To equip pupils with the artistic skill and knowledge to create their own works of art. 
  • To learn and appreciate artists throughout history and their historical influence but cultural development of their art forms. 
  • To be able to discuss and evaluate artistic pieces using language of art, craft and design. 

Subject Leader

For more information, please contact the Art & Design Subject Leader:

Mrs E O’Mahoney

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